Nashville is where you NEED to go for the most memorable girls weekend ever

Graduate Hotel | Nashville Bachelorette party weekend | Nashville Girls weekend | Dolly Parton Hotel

Less than 10 minutes from Honky Tonk Highway

So I totally found the perfect spot for your next Nashville girls’ weekend, bachelorette party, weekend away from the kids, you name it! It’s called Graduate Nashville. You may have seen this “Dolly Parton Hotel” on social media. I’m gonna give you all the deets and more!

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Graduate Hotel Nashville | Lobby | Front Desk | Nashville Bachelorette Party

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Ok, I have to admit- I had not been on a trip ANYWHERE since before the Covid-19 pandemic began. So when my Mom wanted to plan a trip for us to go meet my new niece (my brother and his wife just had their second daughter!), I was like “SIGN ME UP!”

Since my Mom would be flying out the day before me, I wanted to stay somewhere really unique and fun on my night alone. Cue the Google search!

Here is a quick video tour I posted on TikTok!

The Graduate Nashville was EXACTLY the vibe I was looking for! The hotel is dripping with elements of Nashville’s rich country music history woven into every aspect of the hotel. And of course, the hotel pays a huge tribute to the fabulous Nashville native, Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton Graduate Hotel Room Key Nashville

I am never throwing this away!

Seriously though… it’s still in my wallet

When I arrived, they gave me my room key. Essentially, the key was a pseudo ID card of… you guessed it-Dolly Parton!! The room keys also need to be used once inside the elevator to go to the hotel room floors.

Grab your Phone or DSLR for the MOST Insta-Worthy Lobby in Nashville!

The lobby is really fun & funky! There are various nooks around the first floor. Each has it’s own unique look and feel. If you are looking for an instagrammable location, this is definitely it! You can get a lot of different content. Also, a bonus: you won’t feel weird taking your photos because literally, everyone is doing it. Also, the staff was really friendly and happy to help take a photo when I asked!

They also have a coffee bar in the lobby called Poindexter Coffee, open from 6:30 AM-6 pm Monday-Sunday.

Graduate Nashville Dolly Parton Hotel Room

Get Some Sleep: Where Ultra-Glam Meets Country Chic

Ok, so I get off the elevator and I am met with not only funky carpet flooring but PURPLE GLITTER WALLS! Honestly, my video footage and photos don’t do the hallways justice. One thing that I have not grown out of as an adult is my love for glitter & sparkles. It has ultra-feminine touches everywhere you look. That’s part of why I think this hotel would be more suitable for a girls’ weekend in Nashville rather than a couples getaway.

I opted for the King room since I was by myself. Above the bed was a portrait of Dolly herself, lit up in all her glory! The walls were stripped baby pink and white. I loved the floral accents they really gave the room a quaint country feel.

One thing I really loved about the hotel decor was how everything was mismatched but somehow went together perfectly! (I personally have a tendency to make things overly matchy-matchy so I respect the skill to do this!).

Graduate Hotel Lobby | Bachelorette Weekend Nashville | Girls Weekend Nashville
Graduate Hotel Lobby | Bachelorette Weekend Nashville | Girls Weekend Nashville

But what’s there to do at NIGHT on this girls’ weekend?

Ok, ok I was getting there! Jeez, sorry!

Ok, so you will definitely wanna ride the elevator up to the 12th floor! That’s where the White Limozeen Bar is located! It’s an indoor/outdoor bar. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention there is also a rooftop pool up there!

I while up at the bar, I quickly realized this was the perfect spot for a Nashville girl’s weekend. I immediately FaceTimed my best friend Jessica and she agreed we would need to plan a stay there!

This is where the wire sculpture of Dolly is located. There were tons of bachelorette weekend parties along with other groups of girls taking their pictures in front of the sculpture.

They have plenty of fun signature cocktails too! Click here to check out the menu!

Ok, where can I book?? Click HERE!

Nashville Bachelorette Weekend | Nashville Girls Weekend | Graduate Hotel Lobby | Hotel Artwork | Nashville Boutique Hotel

Sing on stage like your favorite Nashville Country Music Stars

That’s right, I’m talking karaoke! On the first floor of Graduate Nashville, they have a karaoke bar called Cross-Eyed Critters. Even if you haven’t had enough drinks yet to feel confident getting up on stage alone, fear not! This bar features an animatronic back up band so you never have to get on stage alone!

This bar is only open from Thursdays-Saturdays from 6 pm to 2 am at the time of writing this blog post. Unfortunately, I stayed on a Sunday so I was unable to get the full experience of this place! When I have my bachelorette party in Nashville someday, I can come back and experience this place!

Reach out to me if you have any questions about this amazing Dolly Parton Inspired Hotel! If I can’t answer your question I will do my best to direct you to someone who can answer you!

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