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Absolutely FREE Baby Milestone Tracker to help Moms Stay Ahead

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This is a photo of me working with Ethan on weight-bearing through his upper extremities in sitting to improve his strength for crawling.

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If you are looking for examples of gross motor milestones and how to meet them…

Maybe you lost that milestone chart they gave you at the doctor’s office. Yeah, that thing.- “Where did I put that thing again? Is it in the diaper bag? The baby’s nursery? Ugh, I don’t know!” Can you relate to this sentiment?

I don’t know if there’s anything I dislike these days more than paper handouts! Sometimes they end up in a pile by the mail. Other times my boyfriend files them away and I have no idea where the heck they went! Occasionally they get crumpled in the diaper bag because I had to put it there to juggle all of my things as I head out to the doctor’s office. Or worst of all they are just completely lost! They’re just not ideal!

I work as a full-time pediatric physical therapist assistant, so addressing childhood milestones and ways to meet them are pretty much my main focus for 40 hours out of the week. Because of my profession, I know how important milestone charts are to parents. That’s why I created this one that you can have access to right from your phone!

Track Milestones, Chart Your Baby’s Progress

I created this Google spreadsheet to track baby milestones. I provide you with ranges based on the ones provided by HELP 0-3 and the PDMS-2 . The PDMS-2 (Peabody Developmental Motor Scale) is a tool that pediatric physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists use to evaluate a child’s (ages 0-6) developmental milestone progress as compared to their peers.

Keep Track of Concerns

I provide you with space on these 4 spreadsheets to jot down any concerns you may have. This spreadsheet helps organize your concerns in an accessible document that you can easily access from your phone. This makes asking questions at doctor appointments go much more smoothly!

Just on a personal note: if your baby is behind on some milestones, try not to beat yourself up about it! Even those of us who work in therapy have this happen! it doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a good job as a mom. Using this tool as a guide is a great way to stay on top of “average” age ranges. If you start to notice your child is falling a bit behind, make a note in the milestone chart. Then you can bring it up to your doctor at your next visit, or sooner if needed. I plan to write many articles to help give you examples of gross motor milestones and activities to help your child achieve them!

Keep Track of Special Moments

I think a lot of us mommas have bought a baby book. We want to keep track of all of our baby’s “firsts” and milestones. Or maybe someone gave you one, either way! I don’t know about you, but when I bought baby books for my sons, I had all of the best intentions to fill them out thoroughly.

Apparently, I forgot that there’s pretty much NO TIME for any of that when you have a baby. Or multiple children!

When my son got his first tooth, I thought, “this is so exciting! I need to write it down in his baby book!” I had the thought, fully intended to do it, then never did, and then forgot about it for a month. By then, I couldn’t remember the date the tooth first came in!

I hope you find this milestone chart helpful! I created it to make keeping track of these things easier for all my fellow mamas! When you download the chart, make a copy so that you can use it (the original cannot be edited). Then you can add any milestones or memories to the chart that you want!

Are you looking for examples of how to meet gross motor milestones? Check out my post about my 10 Baby Registry Must Have Items!

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