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Austin’s Tiki Tatsuya is the Date Night Spot You Need to See to Believe!

Tiki Tatsuya: The Perfect Tropical Island Date Night Getaway

Tiki drink tiki bar Austin Texas date night

If you’re looking for a fun date night idea in Austin, TX I have the perfect place for you to go! A trip to Tikitatsuya is the little island getaway you never knew you needed. The best part? You don’t even have to leave Austin to go there. Located on S. Lamar, this tiki bar features a Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Japanese-inspired food and drink menu.  A trip to Tikitatsuya is more than a meal; it’s a completely immersive experience. 

Pro tip: Book ahead for this date night idea

Know before you go:

Don’t take a chance- book a reservation ahead of time! I got the inside scoop from one of the bartenders who told me that every night at midnight, the restaurant’s website opens up reservations for 30 days out. So set your alarm so you can remember to book your table!

We’re not exactly the best at planning ahead. On top of that, b Justin and I didn’t realize how popular and busy the spot would be! The hostess told us there were over 30 parties waiting for a table ahead of us. We had a couple of hours to kill. Thankfully, there were plenty of places to explore nearby.

Then, I suddenly realized it had been a long time since we had a night out for just the two of us. We were just trying to get through the pandemic and focus on taking care of our kids for the last couple of years. It was nice to reconnect without the distractions that daily life, working, and raising 2 kids brings.

Choose Your Adventure

This restaurant in Austin features 2 floors. Each floor features its own aesthetic while providing a complementary vibe to the other floor. When you step through the door and into the restaurant, you are met with 2 staircases. One leads upstairs, and one leads downstairs.

The Tiki Hut

We went through the restaurant’s doors and followed our host to the right and up a staircase leading to the upper floor of the restaurant. If your host leads you this way, get excited- you are about to enter the fun, tropical tiki bar. On our date night, we sat and ate at the upstairs bar.

The Cave Below

Alternatively, if your server leads you down the staircase directly in front of you, after stepping Into the restaurant, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the dark, moody island cave that is the lower floor.

We decided to go explore the lower floor after dinner. When you get to the bottom of the staircase, there’s another set of doors to walk through. Step inside, and immediately you’re transported to a fictional, mystical cave. Look to your immediate left and you will see a big map of the fictional island that Tikitatsuya is set to be on. Make sure to take a trip to the restroom during your visit to Tikitatsuya so you can hear the magical story of the island playing over the speakers.

Check out my TikTok video of Tikitatsuya here:

Every food item we ordered was delicious! You can check out the food menu here.

Now let’s talk about the elaborate drink menu

(Hands down, the most Instagram and TikTok- worthy date night drinks in Austin)

Ok, so they have a variety of tiki drinks that serve anywhere from 1-6 people! Your server or bartender can direct you to the drinks on the menu that come with special effects. Special effects that accompany these drinks feature different audio, visual, and/or lighting effects. Tikitatsuya is not just a place for dinner or drinks, it is a complete experience. Every detail imaginable Is carefully taken into consideration and curated to create the vibe of this place. Tikitatsuya and its staff create what is sure to be a memorable experience for all with a uniqueness that’s unmatched by any tiki bar. Whether you’re looking to head out on a first date together or your 100th, Tikitatsuya is definitely at the top of the list for cute date nights in Austin.

Come back and leave me a comment; I want to hear all about your experience!

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